Erotic Hypno Mistress

Hypno Mistress Rose

The hypnotic, velvety tone of My seductive voice will put you

into a erotic trance that you will be unable to resist.

With erotic hypnosis, I will take you deeper and deeper into your

subconscious mind where your most taboo secrets and sexual desires are hidden.

With My help, we can unlock your unconscious desires,

freeing you to experience all those sexual fantasy cravings.

Without your conscience mind hindering you, you will be able to

express your longings and I will be able to bring them to life for you -

All your deepest, darkest, sexual fantasies.

You will be placed in My control and find yourself compelled to submit to Me.

FemDom for Erotic Hypnosis

Through hypnosis, this Mistress will enslave you and make you My property.

You will crave and live for the sound of My seductive voice

and become addicted to the sight of My smooth, goddess-like body;

long to be in My presence; and be willing to do anything

in order for Me to allow you that privilege.

Hypno Domme Rose

FemDom for Humiliation, Forced Feminization, Cuckolding,

Erotic Hypnosis and other forms of Domination and Mind Control

Are you ready to experience Erotic Hypnosis?


US and Canada

10 Minutes / $25

20 Minute Time Blocks / $40

{ Allow at least 20 minutes for a hypnosis session }

New Callers Receive $5 Off First Call!

Calls From Outside The U.S.A. / $3.00 Per Minute

Major Credit/Check/Gift Cards Accepted

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Mind Control Mistress

This Mistress Deserves To Be Pampered and Spoiled

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